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What a great event this was. Well worth the money. On top of that they had the best crew ever, so helpful, friendly and polite. Buffalo has got to love the dinosaurs!
Patricia (Buffalo, NY)review

Thanks for coming to Spokane!! We had a BLAST at the show on Friday!! My kids had the most wonderful time. They kept saying it "was the best day ever!!" :) I had a great time too just watching my kids being so happy and were thrilled with the exhibit.
Maria (Spokane, WA)review


Welcome trex head

Explore the mystery of pre-historic life in an environment full of learning, discovery and fun!

Discover the Dinosaurs is a unique, hands-on exhibit, consisting of moving and replica dinosaurs that you can actually touch! Beyond the exhibit, additional activities are available for kids of all ages including riding a dinosaur, themed inflatables, a dino dig, and gem and fossil panning. Bring the entire family, and spend the day with dinosaurs!

The Exhibit (ALL INDOORS)

Dad and son

Boy and Triceritops

spinosaurus Moving Dinosaurs

In this Dinosaur exhibit, the Dinosaurs come to life! Walk through jungle-like scenes and see realistic Dinosaurs in their natural environment. Watch them as they watch you! Hear them roar, see them move, and experience what it's like to come face to face with moving, breathing Dinosaurs! No matter what your age, this is a fun experience not found in museums.

Dino Den Family Fun Dino Head


scene Realistic Scenes

Discover the Dinosaurs features a walk through exhibit that consists of dinosaur scenes. Each scene represents dinosaurs from a period of time that best reflects when the dinosaurs lived. The scenes engage you with sight, sound, and motion by using special lighting, sound effects, animatronics, and fog. The backdrops, rocks, flooring, and plant materials are designed to bring you back in time to a landscape where dinosaurs lived.

Other Attractions

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additional activities

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